Mitsubishi QJ71 series setup with the USB-QJ71 programming cable. Stable transmission, online monitoring support, and a durable design make it the perfect choice for efficient and reliable programming.


Mitsubishi QJ71 series configuration with the USB-QJ71 programming cable. This 3-meter cable facilitates stable data transmission between your computer and QJ71 extension modules.

Key Features:

  • Stable Transmission: Ensure stable data transfer, enhancing the efficiency of your programming tasks.
  • Online Monitoring Support: Benefit from reliable online monitoring capabilities, empowering you with control and insights.
  • Durable Design: The cable is crafted with eco-friendly ABS+PC materials, providing a robust and shock-resistant build for added durability.
  • LED Indicators: Integrated LED indicators offer visual cues, allowing you to easily monitor connection status and activity.
  • Hot-Pluggable: The cable supports hot insertion and removal, providing flexibility and convenience during operation.

The USB-QJ71 cable is your ideal choice for stable programming and data transfer in Mitsubishi QJ71 series applications.

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