3M TCSMCNAM3M002P cable for Schneider ATV and LXM servo systems, ensuring stable data transfer and real-time monitoring


The TCSMCNAM3M002P cable is designed for compatibility with Schneider ATV series frequency converters and LXM 23A/28A servo systems. This 3-meter cable facilitates seamless debugging, communication, and data downloading, providing reliable and stable performance for professionals.

Product Features:

  • Stable Transmission: Ensures consistent and reliable data transfer, minimizing communication errors.
  • Durable Construction: Made from eco-friendly ABS+PC materials, with a robust casing that is impact-resistant and pressure-proof.
  • LED Indicator: Features an LED light to indicate connection status, aiding in easy troubleshooting.
  • Hot Plug Support: Supports hot-swapping, allowing you to connect and disconnect without needing to reboot the system.
  • Online Monitoring: Enables real-time monitoring and control, ensuring quick detection and resolution of issues.


  • Computer End: USB interface
  • Device End: RJ45 connector
  • Supported Systems: Compatible with WIN7/XP/VISTA/WIN8/WIN10


The TCSMCNAM3M002P cable is essential for professionals working with Schneider ATV and LXM servo systems. It offers stable transmission, durable build, and broad system compatibility, making it a perfect choice for efficient debugging and communication tasks.

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Economical Version, High Performance Version


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