The TECO Servo Drive Configuration and Debugging Data Cable (JSSDTC001/002JSDE JSDA) is a 3-meter-long cable designed to configure, download, and debugging TECO servo drives. This cable is equipped with a USB to round 8-pin connector, providing a stable and reliable connection between a computer and TECO servo drives.


Model: JSSDTC001/002 JSDE JSDA
Length: 3 meters
Interface: USB to 8-pin round connector
Compatibility: Supports WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/XP/VISTA
Purpose: Specifically designed for TECO servo drives, this USB debugging cable is suitable for connecting to JSDE and JSDA series. It enables tasks such as parameter configuration, alarm viewing, I/O monitoring, maintenance, and other debugging functions. The cable ensures stable data transmission and supports online monitoring.
This TECO Servo Drive Configuration and Debugging Data Cable provides a reliable and efficient solution for configuring and debugging TECO servo drives, offering seamless communication between your computer and JSDE/JSDA series devices.

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