Unleash the power of stability in data transmission with the EWA-RS03 cable – your key to seamless Japanese HD servo drive programming, minimizing signal interference


Japanese HD servo drive programming with the EWA-RS03 cable. This 3-meter cable ensures stable data transmission, supporting online monitoring for real-time insights. Crafted with eco-friendly ABS+PC materials, the cable features a robust casing with anti-fall and pressure-resistant protection circuit. The LED indicator light provides visual feedback, and the cable supports hot swapping with circuit upgrade protection.

Key Features:

  • Stable Transmission: Ensure reliable and stable data transfer for seamless programming.
  • Online Monitoring Support: Gain real-time insights into your servo drive’s status.
  • Environmental Build: Constructed with eco-friendly ABS+PC materials.
  • Sturdy Casing: Designed for durability, featuring anti-fall and pressure-resistant protection.
  • LED Indicator Light: Visual indication of operational status.
  • Circuit Upgrade Protection: Supports hot swapping with circuit upgrade protection.
  • Shielded Magnetic Ring: Reduces signal interference for enhanced stability.

Interface Information:

  • Computer Side Interface: USB
  • Device Side Interface: 6-core Crystal Head
  • Compatibility: WIN7/8/10/11(32/64-bit)/XP/VISTA

Japanese HD servo drive programming with the EWA-RS03 cable. Experience stable transmission, real-time monitoring, and advanced protection features, including reduced signal interference.

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